Art on Pandemic

Unprecedented Divergence

Pandemic came as unprecedented divergence
Future planning or a delusion,
The world wide halt and a confusion
For the humans it is the retribution,

The Earth solemnly recovers from the pest
From the ashes of the human that have rest,
For the suffering will shall end
And humans shall now repent,

Since millennia the humans have ravaged
The land inhabited by these savage,
They exploits for their mortal lives
Something that is bound for demise,

Humans entitle themselves with right
Killing and slaving others with their might,
For billions weep and suffer till death
Without mercy humans continue to wreck,

But this cancer must end soon
Otherwise the planet will be doomed,
Seas cry out loud, and land will shake up
Thunder will strike and wind will wrap up,

Pandemic or catastrophe
Humans must learn to obey,
The planet seeks justice
Not your imaginary god nor your social practice,

Humans now suffer the fate they create
For the beings they cannot relate,
The virus will make its mark
Towards the global intervention alas,

The judgement shall come very soon
And the planet will rejoice under the moon,
All beings once again be free
To roam the world without human decree.

By Zeldash Myst