Coronavirus prevention

World Health Organization (WHO) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) have provided the following guidelines in order to prevent COVID-19 transmission. Currently there is no cure for the disease and treatment only includes painkillers and fluids like regular flu. Whether patient recovers or not, solely depends on the body’s own immune system. Those individuals with weak immune like elderly or with underlying health problems, will not be able to defeat the virus and thus can be prove fatal. For those with strong immune, even they may face the horrors of virus as it is still being examined. Thus, the best way to fix it is to not catch it in first place. Therefore coronavirus prevention is necessary for the community as whole.

Ways to prevent covid
  • HAND Washing using Soap or using Hand Sanitizers can disrupt the virus membrane thus make it incapacitated to attack. Also not touching face will reduce chances of infection as virus needs to enter eyes, throat, lung, nose or ears.
  • Social Distancing of 6ft (~2 meters) or more to prevent catching infection. A sneeze or Cough contain tiny droplets of virus that can stay in air. These droplets can be carried to 6ft distance thus the 6ft distance. Due to such reasons, there have been lockdown in states to prevent people to get out of home and catch it. There may be cases of virus flying upto 13 meters. Community transmission occur at stage 3 which is the case in most countries.
  • Taking precautions such as wearing masks and gloves to reduce exposure to virus. Cleaning common surfaces and minimizing contact with outside world.
  • Corona Virus is weak against heat above 32’C outside the body and Ultraviolet rays. Thus sunny weather is good against COVID 19.
  • COVID 19 can stay in air and on surfaces for a duration. Amazing is that viruses are non-living outside the body and only lives once they enter the host body.
  • COVID 19 can be transmitted among humans. There is no data that states it can be transmitted between animals or humans can get it from animals unless they eat them. So feel safe with your pets or wild animals.
  • For more details make sure to checkout latest report from CDC on coronavirus prevention.
Risks of coronavirus