Best Diet

There are many diet plans and programs in the world. Every decade there is a new dieting trend which sways the millions to follow it. From fat free to juice detox, from Internment fasting to Ketogenic diet, there are tons of information about diet on the web. Some make sense like Atkins diet while some works wonder like the Keto diet. But every diet has benefits and harms that are discovered in the long run. For example, the fat free diet of 80’s resulted in mineral deficiency in many due to negligible fat-soluble vitamin and mineral intake. This resulted in hair loss and other deficiency disorders.

The problem with dieting is that, everyone is different. The body type, genetics and epigenetics, BMI, metabolism, circadian rhythm pattern, sleep schedule, cultural differences and dietary intake. Motivation, discipline, sincerity, efforts and adaptation also play the major role. If you are not consistent with diet plan but cheating with delicacies for some reason or another, then it will not work for you. Even though the little treat won’t seem to do any damage, but it will hinder in the long-term effect of dieting. Often people feel the urge to divulge into senseless eating in beginning of dieting where one cannot stop thinking about the dishes and can’t satisfy the hunger prangs even after filling the belly. Withdrawal symptoms include headaches, stomach aches, change in excretion and uneasiness. The reason is “The Microbiome”. In the gut there billions of bacteria that aid in digestion. Over the course of time, they are used to your diet and mutated to prefer fatty, salty and sugary environment where they flourish. Suddenly, the change in environment throw them off. So, they send chemical signals urging you to return back to eating unhealthily. This is the reason most diet fail. The only solution to fix it is to be consistent on dieting, changing the gut environment and bacteria habituating to adapt to clean diet. Over the months, you won’t feel the urge anymore and can even satisfy with small clean meal.

Even if the diet works, there are long term effects that must be considered. If Keto diet works, that does not mean it’s safe. Lack of carb intake is disastrous for brain function and extra protein in diet disrupts the smooth functioning of kidneys. Brain consumes glucose as main source of energy. Lack of glucose will cause it to shut off. More protein that is not required, will be broken down only to be urinated from the body. Body cannot store protein and does not need protein in abundance. Our body has adapted to centuries of food depravity and excessive labor during historic times and thus utilize the nutrients efficiently. Think about the survivors who starved for days and still survived. And think about the gigantic obese we see in modern world.

So which diet is it in the end? The diet of our ancestors in its simple and cleanest form, Vegan diet. I know, you might be fond of eating meat and who isn’t? I mean the taste of KFC or barbecue is just amazing. But everything amazing is not good. They are fried, cooked on carbon and lot of seasoning. It’s the recipe for major health issues. Ever tried raw meat? Anything that cannot be eaten raw or does not taste good is not fit for consumption. Vegan, plant-based diet on other hand is natural diet. It can be eaten raw and does looks appealing in raw state. They are enriched in nutrients, easy on digestive system and prevents diseases. The solar energy content of plant based are more than meat. They are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients that have miraculous effect on health.

This is the reason why those who switch on Vegan diet, endorse it and refuses to switch back to unhealthy meat-based diet. There is huge debate Vegan vs Meat. There are scientific studies and facts that support both these agenda. Meat and Dairy industries lobby the Health department and sponsors the studies that promote their cause.